Edition App Bug Report: Minting error

This is an autogenerated bug report from the Edition App.
Issue: Token ID already minted.
“instanceId”: 3841622256,
“contractAddress”: “0x534a622d156732fc177a3cc294f20b6b68395e3a”,
“tokenId”: “6”,
“connectedAddress”: “0xad32a612B4dE19D4114267b3B67DB9c2c1701268”

I successfully minted #6, but now it will not let me mint Farcaster recast mint as token #7?

gm! It’s been a minute - Not sure I understand the issue, you’re looking to create an Farcaster Edition mint and you’re getting an error? What are you looking to do?

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Hello! gm Lydon! Things going ok I am on song #3 of 15-18 I am releasing weekly all summer!

Thanks for your help Fren. Cheers to the Team!

First and more pressing I am trying to mint a Farcaster Claim for “Station Called Love”. I am using a Ledger I keep getting error “transaction rejected”.

Silly question so I get the big picture:

Do the claim pages have their own edition allocations as 1155’s? i.e. like on “Summer Days” I’ve attached a screenshot

Am I looking at a possible 300 editions total? Or is this 100 editions with two claim pages?


I got wallet to work to mint Farcaster “Station Called Love” but now its spinning saying:


Do I have to mint 100 editions hmmm speed up transaction?