Edition number when burning and redeeming ERC-721 tokens

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This is regarding ERC-721 Burn and redeem that was recently added. I noticed Amber Vittoria’s Burn and redeem was unlimited and that the redeemed tokens do not have an edition number in their titles.

If I set a limited supply for the redeem tokens, will the edition number be added in the artwork title? So if I limit it to say 10 editions, would these redeemed tokens have this format: “ArtworkTitle” #1/10?

It becomes unclear to the collector what the edition size is if it isn’t displayed in the title. It’s also a novelty for those who collected ERC-721 editions when they can see the which edition number they hold.

What happens to the title display of the remaining unburned editions? Is there a way to update the edition number in the titles for those editions so they reflect their reduced supply?

Thank you! I’d appreciate any support on this.

Edition numbering isn’t supported by default the ERC-721 Burn Redeem app. However you can individually update the metadata afterwards to reflect the change in edition size or update any token info as needed, This isn’t supported out of the box and you’ll need to prepare your own metadata to do so.

You can check out this form post on how to acomplish metadata changes after tokens have been minted.

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Thanks for the reply. Appreciate the support!