Edition Numbers didn't start where I hoped they would start


I recently created a contract to make a 69 edition of a .jpeg I have created recently. After successfully implementing the contract, I went on to mint my tokens on it. The minting section asked me how many editions I wanted to mint so I typed in 69. And after my transaction went through, I saw that I have 69 different nfts minted to my wallet individually. Being the amateur I am in this kind of stuff, I thought that maybe I could introduce the tokens to a claim page in this way or a claim page would automatically come-up (I guess how silly of me :grimacing:). But after finding out that there is a native app for creating a claim page I saw that I was wrong and proceeded to create a claim page with 69 editions. After uploading everything about the token I wanted to mint and filling in the necessary information, I made my claim page. I thought everything would work fine but two days ago when the first person minted my nft from the claim page, they got the #70 and #71 edition of the nft I wanted to make 69 editions of. And I see that I still have 69 individual editions of the same nft sitting in my wallet. I am not sure what to do at this point and needed some recommendations about the case. What should I do the make it better for the collectors?

Kind regards,