Edition Size Over 200

Trying to create an NFT, It is a single art work with an edition size of greater than 200. How do I create an Edition size of greater than 200? Would only let me create 200. I minted 200 with the thought I could add to it with another transaction but do not see that option. Please help

Hi! Just want to clarify… Are you looking to create a claim page and have collectors mint the tokens from a page? Or are you looking to mint tokens for sale and then list them differently?

If you’re looking to have editions for sale from a drop page that would be through the claim app and not the batch mint flow.

I was wanting to do an edition size of 500. I clicked mint to mainnet, then it prompted me to pick the number of tokens (edition size). I tried putting in 500 but it said I can only do 200 at a time. I did that. Now I can’t see how to add to that number. Hope this makes sense