Editions project with multiple images - best practices

I would like to create an Editions project with about 20 images and 20 editions of each image, 400 - 1.000 NFTs in total that will be priced at 0.03 ETH, so a low entry price
I would like 1 page where these 20 images are visible so you can see the entire collection without seeing double images. I would like people to be able to mint a couple different images at the same time.
From the information I gathered here, I can not make a well informed decision.
How can I get support to understand all consequences to the decisions during creation?

  • 721 vs 1155
  • Editions vs Gallery app
  • cost of minting 400 or , or even more NFTs in one go
  • minting myself or have customers mint?
  • what’s the user experience/examples

Is there a phone number I can call for support to walk through it? I have a lot of questions and I can not piece it together in here. I can’t wrap my head around it without seeing an example of someone else who has done this exact same thing. I want to stay in the ETH ecosystem if possible. Appreciate the support.


Gm! There are different ways you can go about this. Our documentation will answer the majority of questions but happy to go over a few things. Get Started - Manifold Docs

  • If you’re looking tor the 20 images to display without duplicates or numbered editions it sounds like 1155s maybe the way to go
  • Editions and Gallery are both pre-minted tokens. Editions will allow you to pre-mint multiple tokens while the Gallery app allows you to sell a single token. From what you described, claim pages could be an option as well. This will allow collectors to mint the token from your contract and have the collectors pay a gas fee.
  • The cost to mint these tokens depends on how you would like to sell it

Hi @lyndo

I am looking for the best solution to mint 20 different images all in duplicates of say 25, so 500 NFTs in total.

The claim page goes per 1 image, so people can not select 3 different images to mint at the same time.
What is the best solution to have all of them on the same page for claiming?

In terms of presentation I like the existing Manifold Studio minting of a 1/1 collection.
So what if I mint all 500 myself, what would the gasfees by say with a gwei of 10?

Again, this is very hard to figure out by sending messages back and forth, it would be quicker to jump on a call and sort it out.

Or if you have an example of an artist who is selling a collection of about 20 images all having duplicates? So I can see how they have done it.



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With the curate.page app you can create a page that lists the multiple claims. If you search ‘curate.app’ on Twitter you’ll see example of this. As far as adding images to some kind of cart, this isn’t supported with studio at this time.

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Great, I will check it out and decide on what to do. Thx!

Hi @lyndo ,
Question, would it be possible to only show the images on the Curate page and only see the claim button after people click on the image, to have a really clean look. What I can see from the examples, the text is kind of big on the images on the curate page and you see CLAIM, CLAIM, CLAIM :slight_smile: Going forward I can imagine a mix of Claim page images and already minted images to Curate everything mixed together.

I have a need that matches Marieke’s exactly.

20 pieces of artwork, each of which will have multiple numbered editions.
One of the series totals 1580 tokens in all.

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Here’s my project, it all works well, just the curate page needs the possibility to control the showcase better. Also for the future a data entry template would be nice, because I had to manually add all properties each time for 33 different images :sweat_smile: But her we are, now let’s see if people mint :slight_smile:


:grinning: This looks great. I do understand why we need the csv tool. So tedious to upload all data individuall.

You did an excellent job. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me.

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Thank you, I know it’s easier when you have an example, that’s why I was sharing with you :slight_smile: If you need any help feel free to reach out!

Thanks so much. Your examples is wonderful. For me, it would be great if CURATE could offer FIAT sales as many of my customers are not crypto saavy.

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That would be a Manifold thing, but can you maybe do that via one of the platforms Manifold has API’s with?

You’ve done a great job. Looks great.

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Hi Genius Thank you!

Hey - I have the same question regarding creating a collection of multiple images - each with multiple editions.

Is this still the best way of doing this? Create multiple ‘Claim Pages’ then put them together on the ‘Curate’ app?

Any help gratefully received :slight_smile: