Email notifications not currently working?


I was previously receiving email notifications for Gallery sales, but not today. I haven’t changed my setup and have checked Junk/Spam etc.

Just me?

Thanks for reaching out - Was there an event you were expecting a notification for and did not receive one? Can you send a link to the Gallery page etc?

Thanks lyndo,

Yes, 5 sales today (Tuesday) of this edition but no emails since Sunday. I didn’t have any sales yesterday to expect any emails on Monday.

See most recent emails in screenshot.

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Hey @typo - thanks for the report and sorry about the missing notifications. Our team has confirmed the bug and we’ll publish a fix for this shortly.


Hey @typo, great seeing you here. Sorry about that, everything should be working again! Have a great weekend.

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Hey ediep and yungwknd — thank you for the replies.

I’ve had a sale since the message yesterday, but I haven’t received an email for it… :grimacing:

Is this the listing?

Will take a look here…

Thanks yungwknd, yes that’s the link. Thanks for checking.

Ok. I see the last one you got would be on 1/21.

But you had a sale about an hour ago. Will dig into this!

Just to keep you in the loop here. I am able to get new purchase notifications on sepolia. So, getting close!

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Hi yungwknd, I just received an email notification for a sale that was 4 hours ago, and I’ve had one sale since.

Hey typo. That was me just re-testing some things.

Turns out that it was the format of your email address that didn’t work with some updates to our system. Should work now! Feel free to ignore that test I sent out.



If you want, I can re-send all the ones you missed. Just let me know!

All good — no need to resend — thank you yungwknd for dealing with my email+format.

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