Embedded Code for Curated Page

Hi There,

Has anything changed with the embedded code for curation? I’ve been using this for my website for many months now and there have been no issues until now. I use Squarespace and I double checked the code applied to the header and the body and everything looked okay from my end, not sure why the artwork is not visible on my site… I contacted Squarespace as well, but thought to reach out to you all and see if there’s updates happening. Please let me know.

Thanks so much

Hi, what’s your website and which version of the widget are you on?

Can you share your website link and try to see if it’s fixed if you clear your browser cache?

Hey Wilkins! How are you? Clearing my cache resolved the issue. Thank you so much! Here’s the link to my curated page if you would like to check it out for fun Curated — STUDIO REITH

Have a great weekend.

Hi Tina,

How are you embedding this on your website? Where are you getting the widget code?

You can see it when you curate a collection on share.manifold.xyz

In the collection you should have instructions on how to embed.

Hmm. I looked all over for an embed code but don’t see one. Is it using the Curate app?

I know that curate is different, but I was going down the rabit hole of trying to find a way to embed the manifold purchase UI on my website to create an onramp for the cryptocurious (the market that visits my website isn’t Web3)

This is the “test” curation I did: Manifold

Go to your curation and click ‘Embed as Widget’:

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 5.59.56 PM

Got it. I can see the Embed interface now, but I guess that is different than using the curate app within the studio.

It doesn’t look like 1155’s on Base are able to be curated?

That isn’t enabled yet, but will be in the future.

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