Encountering 'Not Found' Error During ERC-1155 NFT Minting on Manifold– How to Resolve?

Hello everyone, I’m new here, greetings to all! I wanted to try out Manifold and published an NFT in ERC-1155 format. I followed the steps for recasting and minting, but encountered a “not found” error during minting. How can I fix this?

Screenshots are provided below:

Hi there, you’ll need to go to studio and visit this link:

This should bring you back to your pre-configured frame, and yu will need to hit ‘Save & Next’ then ‘Publish’ again. This should result in a new transaction where there is a 0.002 payment (since you’ve chosen the 25 option.

Please let us know when you’ve done this so we can double check.

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thanks! its done… published and minted!