Enhancing NFT Minting Process with Darkblock

With Darkblock, I can mint high-quality images and have the flexibility to offer both lower resolution previews and high-resolution content as unlockables. Here’s how I do it:

I use the Darkblock app to set up unlockable content for my NFTs. This means that after someone purchases my NFT, they can access the high-resolution image through their platform. The current size limit is 1GB.

Minting Process:
I mint my NFT like normal on Manifold and then visit https://app.darkblock.io/ to upgrade my NFT with their super-easy-to-use web app. I can upgrade singular NFTs or an entire collection (with optional trait targeting!).

It would be a great idea to incorporating Darkblock into the minting process of Manifold. This could enhance the overall experience for creators like me.