ERC-1155 airdrop .csv file error: execution reverted: ERC1155: transfer to non ERC1155Receiver implementer

Hi, After clicking Airdrop button I recieve this error: execution reverted: ERC1155: transfer to non ERC1155Receiver implementer. Any idea why or how to fix? Thanks


With help from user 0xpab they mentioned it could be just one or two addresses that cannot receive ERC1155s for whatever reason.

I decided to cut my airdrop address list in thirds and then went one by one deleting addresses in the Manifold airdrop list and hitting the Airdrop button to find the culprit and indeed it was a random collector’s address. No idea why it would do that with theirs but also I found another one that was the Foundation deployer address. So that one makes sense why it cannot receive the airdrop.

I agree with 0xpab and wilkins.eth it would be great if there was a warning or highlighted box or something to show which addresses don’t work in the Manifold airdrop mechanism. Cheers

@wilkins.eth pls fix soon – people with longer CSV’s would have to go through an insane amount of work to airdrop any tokens to their communities if so they wanted. I’m trying to right now but the list of collectors has grown which makes it very time consuming to go through every address; i’m not really willing to go through it manually so I’m virtually left without the option of airdropping anything unless I want to spend several hours unchecking addresses and such.