ERC-1155 Widget on a Custom Website

Hey guys, I’ve seen from past posts that claim pages aren’t currently functional for custom website widgets. Is there anyway to embed edition drops via my own website?

Would it work if I minted ERC-1155’s through Gallery instead of setting up a claim page or does gallery only allow for one single piece to be sold at a time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m trying to figure out creating a custom minting experience for both editions and 1/1s on a custom website. Thank you!

Maybe I’m wrong though as this artist seems to have his Manifold editions directly on his website. Maybe it’s using something other than Manifold widgets?

For the example you shared from cnnnr, the way this is done by embedding the full claim page inside of an iframe on the page.

For your other questions on how to build custom sites using Manifold Gallery, check our our Marketplace Widgets documentation at Marketplace Widgets - Manifold Docs

The widgets will allow you to customize the display and layout of your Gallery sales pages on your own website. You can do custom sale of ERC-1155s though gallery but you will need a custom smart contract to define the sale mechanic.

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Got you, I appreciate your help.

Just to clarify, I have custom ERC-1155 contracts setup, does minting and listing ERC-1155’s through Gallery allow for multiple editions to be sold via the same gallery listing? ie. 10/10 edition drop all being available to mint on one ERC-1155 gallery listing. Just trying to figure out the best way to integrate edition drops via a custom website given claim pages aren’t available to use with widgets at the moment. Thank you for your insight!

An possible way to do it would be to pre-mint the 1155 editions and then sell them as a “secondary” sale through Manifold Gallery and then you can customize the gallery sales widgets and display to your liking.

If you want to see what a custom gallery page looks like take a look at

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Awesome, thank you! I appreciate the help