ERC-6551 Discussion

We’re looking to gauge creator interest on ERC-6551 (Tokenbound Accounts). ERC-6551 enables NFTs to have their own smart contract wallets, which can own other NFTs, execute transactions, and more.

If you’re interested in leveraging ERC-6551 for your own projects, let us know in this thread what you’re thinking!


I’m very interested in this!

I am trying to create a hoodie with physical NFC chip that allows the physical holder of chip to mint “lore” (ERC-6551 tokens) that the original NFC chip NFT owns

I’m working with iyk to implement this and would love some help here

Please let me know if I can beta test if needed. Also have a dev budget if that helps

Thank you!



Yep, interested.
1 - Clone X community is strong on wearables, so that does make sense.
2 - I just scheduled a call with a web2 3D wearable designer that is doing phygital and was not onboarded to web3. So, already lots of ideas to discuss.


I’m absolutely interested in this. I currently have 2 - fully generative, unreleased collections of digital jewelry, where customization and personalization are front and center. This would be the perfect innovation to include multiple levels of customization and exploration of generative design. I would love to share additional details about this project to see if it’s a fit. I think on chain customizable jewelry is the perfect fit for this type of token, where metadata, pricing, metal weights and pendant information is adjusted according to the traits equipped to the pendant.

Manifold is always pushing the boundaries. I would love to see how we can collaborate and push the boundaries even further.

Michael - CryptoJeweler

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I’m interested!!! Happy to hear you guys are pushing 6551 again!!!

One simple example for me is having 1 NFT with different aspect ratios.

So the main NFT is 16:9 and the related ones are 9:16 and 1:1 format.

And very important: the collector can NOT sell them separately. they all go together in one package with the main NFT.

Digital Interactive Albums
:cd: :globe_with_meridians: :infinity: :globe_with_meridians: :cd:


Yes - music albums…
Does 6551 standard need to be enabled in account? Or is everything in the widgets docs…?

I love this new implementation for our role-playing game in the metaverse.

This is something we’ve been eager to start testing. We have been dreaming about this moment for a long time, and the fact that it’s so close makes us very happy. Our use case is a game. Here are two links for more context:

One to an adventure/escape room that we will be playing tomorrow [Vipe-Tark](Vipetark adventure)

And two the documentation, the lore, and part of the structure of the organization [CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space](lore & docs)

COLLECT / BURN RPG games with bags containing random loot - e.g. 8 items drawn randomly from a list of 42 total items - You can trade the items themselves or whole bags, depending on what use case each combination of items enables.

“Seasonal Battle Passes” - Main token gets you into a tournament, each new battle you win / quest you complete, you earn points towards getting the next item airdropped straight into it, completed battle passes grant you the next season’s battle pass; advanced / completed battle passes can be transferred / sold / offered, etc. for a premium relative to the amount of time spent completing quests to unlock every new tier within the pass.

idk just brainstorming haha

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We’ve been looking for a front end solution for our 2 collections currently using the erc6551 standard. We would be super interested to work with Manifold on implementing this!

@Viren, are there any updates on this? Thanks

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We are using 6551 for our dual 721 and 1155 deployment for BASIN STREAMS and would be very interested in using the widgets for Custom Gallery/Marketplace with the 6551 widget.

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I want to be able to send derivative works based on the initial 1/1 to holders that won’t get lost in the hidden wallet. I want them to get lost in token bound accounts!!! LOL, but no, really. I have ideas for old tokens, and interested in automating 6551 features for whole collections. Would love to discuss

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Hi all, I’m interested in using 6551s to build a flatcoin (inflation-resistant money). More details

Would love to chat with anyone interested. DMs open @philip0x

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Hey @viren

We have been developing a project for Manifold on Optimism that includes 6551.

I’m working with DAOhaus Developers – creators of Moloch v3, and we received a grant from Alchemix to create a Moloch LP Cooperative, on Optimism, where the NFTs own Soulbound Moloch Shares – allowing them each to have governance and equity over a community owned treasury.

We released the Alchemix collection in time for the we <3 the art contest. The objective is to create DAO Owned Liquidity, building veVELO and alETH/ETH LP, as well as alUSD/OP LP.

Alchemix Blog:

We think that Optimism and Base would be good locations for a project like this, because of the affordable transaction costs, and because of the synergy with Velodrome | Aerodrome.

Manifold is super useful, because your Contract Extensions allow us to set conditions for ApproveTransfer – which would prevent an NFT that had already burned its Moloch SHARE to also sell the NFT, since burning the Share would already pull the equity from the treasury.

Dekan and I are both interested in creating a Manifold Studio App, so that other artists could launch collections to fund community owned treasuries using these tools.

Here is an example of the Moloch RDF Summoner:

Manifold also works great for this, because the Core Contracts allow for expansion over time. The DAO could be given perms, and then be in control of its own membership expansion.

We’d like to apply for a grant from Manifold, to build out a Moloch RDF App for Manifold Studio. Does Manifold offer development grants?

I think it would be interesting to see what type of communities artists form when given the tools to do so, and I think that this offers a new use case for NFTs on Optimism and Base.

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I am very interested in the ERC 6551. I plan to create a music maker’s marketplace. The Album is the Artist’s platform. It’s a TBA containing individual songs, stems, bios, sheet music, access passes, exclusive merch, event tickets, and anything else the artist wants their fans to enjoy.

Also, in an ERC 6551 Newsletter, each article is an NFT and rewards curation.

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I’m nterested in ERC-6551 coming to Manifold. Was going to post this in the forum earlier today to ask if support is coming for the token. It gives more functionality and use cases to Nfts.


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