ERC-6551 - Photo Album - beta testing app feedback

Tested the Photo Album erc-6551 feature on goerli…
really looking forward to use it on my artworks.

A few questions / suggestions:

  1. Will this be available to already minted manifold tokens (erc-721s) ?
    So i could add more tokens into NFTs i’ve already minted (and even sold)?

  2. When i click the Edit token in the ‘album images’ tab, the “X” to close the tab isn’t working on lastest Chrome MacOS (what works is just clicking outside the popup, in the grayed out background).

  3. In the “album images” tab, please add the ‘artwork title’ as a column.

  4. Seems i’m stuck in the Arweave upload phase… “Arweave uploading in progress, check back later for status”