ERC-721 airdrops to multiple wallets

Hello everyone,

Does Manifold now support ERC-721 airdrops to multiple addresses? If not, is this feature expected soon? I’m attempting to set up an airdrop wallet on the GoerliETH Testnet, but it seems to be stuck in processing indefinitely.

Ideally, creating a claim page or sending the tokens directly from my wallet would be the solution, though both options could incur fees of $500-$1000, chargeable to the customers or me. This is why an airdrop feature with a single transaction would be highly beneficial.

Thank you in advance for your response!

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No one to help new Manifold users on simple questions?

I came here to ask this same question. I’m also trying to set up an airdrop. The Docs say that ERC721 is available, but they give no instructions. And as far as I can tell you can’t add more than one wallet, I just tried all kinds of ways. This is the same way I had to do my airdrop in April, and it’s very expensive. I want to be able to drop to all 44 collectors an ERC721.

gm! Airdrops right now from the Create flow are only supported to a single address for ERC721 contracts.

Would claim codes work for your purposes?