ERC-721 Burn & Redeem

Hey, if I were to release an ERC-721 edition:

  1. Would it be possible for me to add more tokens to a limited edition drop, that can be redeemed for other future tokens?
  2. If I were to issue burn and redeems, would it be possible for the redeemed tokens to be a part of the same collection, as displayed on OS?

Hey, to add to this, while you are here

I’d created a separate drop, and while trying to create a new drop from my address, it only allowed me to select this specific ERC-721 contract to launch from

Just wondering if pieces from this new collection will appear along with the old one, thanks.

  1. Depends on how the token is minted. If it’s with a Claim page you can always mint more/airdrop tokens.
  2. You can create the redeem token on the same contract - This will appear in the same collection on Opensea.

Hey Lyndo, awesome.

With regard to the collection already minted? While minting a new claim it only allowed me an option to pick the same ERC-721.

Will they appear togther under the same header?

Can you clarify what you mean by header?