ERC-721 Claim Page Questions

I’m trying to setup a new ERC-721 NFT drop and I’m wondering how to actually go about doing this with Manifold. I want to allow anyone to mint the NFT. I’ve setup claim pages for my 1155s which makes sense, but this one is a ERC-721 and will have 777 tokens.

Should I do the same process, add a placeholder image and then after people claim them, just update the metadata via this process?

Or do I actually have to mint all of the tokens first and then somehow associate those to the claim page?

You’ll setup a claim page with a supply of 777 and then edit the metadata with the tutorial in that link! The claim page allows collectors to mint the token instead of yourself.

Let me know if that answers your questions!

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Thanks lyndo, this helps. Looking forward to giving it a try soon.