ERC-721 limited edition problems + Claim page

Hello, I recently minted 20 limited editions using ERC-721 tokens. On the claim page when it lists platforms to view on secondary OpenSea is missing. When I click on the other platforms such as Raible and Foundation those platforms show 30 editions instead of 20. Lastly, when viewing my editions on OpenSea via my desktop the artwork is missing. All other platforms show the artwork, but OS. Would appreciate any help. Thank you

Can you share a link to the claim page?

Hello, sorry I was at work all day. Here’s the link. Shadow Storm

Did you previously create a batch of 20 tokens? It looks like you have previously minted 20 tokens to yourself and then created a claim as well - The 20 tokens you transferred to yourself first in the same contract/collection.

Oh yes. I thought I had to create the batch of 20 then create a claim page. Damn. Thats where I messed up. I was struggling hard with covid at the time and wasn’t thinking straight. Is there a way I could fix this?

Is there a way I could maybe burn the 20 tokens I created? I dont want two sets of limited edition numbers. I need to get rid of the 20 I first created, but have no idea I would go about that.

I hope you get an answer to this. I did this exact same thing earlier today. I minted 200 tokens and then I went to do a claim and that causes it to mint a new token with each claim. I should have just done the claim. So I spent WAY too much Eth and my token collection is screwed up. Maybe we can burn them but I’m sure it will be too expensive to burn my 200 tokens. I’m so sad. Good luck to you! Hope you find a solution

Oh wow I’m sorry. 200 is a lot of gas. Hopefully they get back to us on this.