ERC 721 - music NFT with 3 editions

Hello, I am going to airdrop to my holders 3 different editions of a music nft. Is this possible with mainifold?

I read docs and only an image is allowed for “batch of tokens” ?? what about if I use editions?

What is the best route to do this, any advice would be greatly appreciated, ty!

gm! There are multiple was to distribute tokens to holders. You can airdrop when minting an erc1155 token(you’ll be covering the gas costs to mint) or create a claim with your holder’s addresses whitelisted(your collectors will be covering the gas costs when they mint).

thanks for the reply. So I have 3 editions of the music NFT which will have an image and a music file attached to it. Would I need to do 3 different 1155 contracts?

I was hoping to do just one 721 contract with 3 different editions/rarities and airdrop them all randomly. Is this possible?

You can do a single contract - For ERC1155s, the token will show as a single token with multiple owners and ERC721 each token will have a single token owner. There will be more gas costs associated with the 721s. Might be helpful to try to stage this on a testnet to see what you prefer.

yes, understand the gas costs.

My question though is, can I create lets say 100 NFT’s on ERC721 - out of those 100 there are three different editions…They are music NFT’s…as in there is a cover art but when you click on it, it plays the song.

Then I want to airdrop all 100 of them to the holders. Some will get lucky with the rare editions.

Hope this makes sense, and ty!

hey lyndo, just wanted to make sure you caught my last response. would love the feedback!