ERC1155 airdrop error

Hey I’m getting an “You have invalid recipient(s), please double check your recipient(s) and try again” error when trying to airdrop 1155s on mainnet, csv looks fine and was pulled directly from etherscan. Also looks totally fine when it gets pulled into the UI. Has anyone hit this before?


Would you mind sharing with me the csv file please? I can take a look into why

Don Dang

yea definitely, appreciate you taking a look Airdrop - Google Sheets

just pinging ya to see if you had a chance to look at this?


I noticed you have a few addresses in there that cannot received ERC1155 tokens. Could you give it a try again please? It should tell you which address is invalid.

Ohh interesting, didn’t seem to tell me which ones when I was trying before. So removed all of those and I’m now getting a “There might be a problem with the previous mint, please check your connection and refresh this page to try again” error when trying to mint. Any idea what that one could mean?

having this same issue did you ever get it fixed i see this is quite old