ERC1155 Claim + Airdrop

For each ERC-1155 token, we want to airdrop some and make the rest available via a claim page.

When setting the initial token number in the claim page should we include the number that will be airdropped as well? Or will the airdrop add more to that total and not pull from it?

Example: if we wanted to mint 500 TOTAL, and will be airdropping 100, would we just set 400 for the claim when setting it up…then there is an option to airdrop additional and that would then bring the total to 500?

Just trying to figure out how this works so we don’t end up minting more than we want.

Yes you’ll need to include the number of tokens that will need to be airdropped. In your example you’ll be setting the claim at 500 initially. Any tokens that are airdropped will be removed from this supply.

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Ok, and we can then airdrop within the claim page? Where in the process/UX is that feature on the claim page admin? To upload a CSV file with the addresses and token qty to airdrop.

Not sure if you can post a picture of where to find that airdrop option to upload the CSV file within the claim page dashboard, but if you can that would help a lot. Thank you!

You’ll see an image in this doc - It wqill be there once the page has been deployed. Claim Page - Manifold Docs

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THANK YOU! Greatly appreciate that.