ERC721-C Support

Based on the yesterday’s interaction between Gordon Goner from Yuga and Gabriel Leydon of Limit Break on X, Gabriel said the new Magic Eden / Yuga Marketplace is using Limit Break’s ERC721C tech. Does Manifold have plans to add ERC721C contracts and an 1155 version?

We do not. We have no current plans on supporting erc721c directly because it breaks the ability for smart contract wallets (e.g gnosis safe’s) and other forms of account abstraction from holding NFT’s.

However, once can choose to implement a erc721c compliant extension and enable that feature via the use of extensions (similar to how an operator filter works).

You can do that at either the token level (all tokens minted via an extension that supports erc721c would have it enforced), or at a contract level via:

Please note that we plan on introducing a new way for creators to incentivize royalty participation instead in Q1/Q2, so please stay tuned.

We believe that there is a balance between collectors, liquidity providers and creators that will provide a mutually beneficial ecosystem and sustainable revenues into the future. Our analysis indicates that outside of PFP projects, most collectors are supportive of creators from a royalty perspective and are willing to pay.

Hey Wilkins,

Any updates on royalty enforcing contracts?

I just read that OpenSea adopted ERC721-C.

Is SAFE working on a solution?

It would be great if you could give us an update.

Good question. Our contracts should already have Royalty Enforcement possible, but we’ll check with OpenSea on this.

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