ERC721 claim page edition with half the tokens properly minted and half left with unresolved metadata

Hi there, hoping get some help with what appears to be unresolved tokens at arweave(?). This is an odd one as half of the 35 token edition is displaying correctly and the other half are not.

I dropped an edition with manifold where the first 15 were minted by myself + transferred to recipients and the other 20 were open for minting by the public. The tokens minted by me show up as a set of editioned NFTs, while those minted by others show up separately without full render of content.

Here’s a link to a resolved edition (#1 of the 35 token edition):

Here’s a link to an unresolved edition (should be #16 of the 35 token edition):

This issue is consistent across platforms, looking at the two tokens on foundation you see the same issue. I reached out to foundation about it to see if there was away to refresh metadata, their support noted that the token wasn’t resolving at arweave.

Contract mainnet address: 0xf36b0e163c41e4702e8900728d1e1e1e65344103
My wallet for minting to this contract via manifold: 0x91b52e9833dc4C681b5419F3E96093e85BBE8F91

Would love for this to show up as a cohesive set. Thanks for the help!


It looks like you initially set the claim as a whitelist claim, then changed to an open claim later with the max token. Hence why the metadata was only numbered till 15. If you hit “Update” on your claim now it should update the metadata accordingly!

Sorry about this issue.

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@dongqtm wonderful, that did the trick for opensea, will reach out to foundation and see what their process for metadata refresh is. realizing now i should’ve used the airdrop feature to send those first 15. thank you!