ERC721 Claim WL should be improved

Hi, why does the allowlist only add to the existing allowlist.

This is very inconvenient because there is a maximum of 10k for allowlist, and if any issue occurs, then there is no way to remove people to add other new wallets if this maximum is reached.

We should at least be able to replace the existing list

Thanks for the feedback, would love to hear more - You’re looking to whitelist 10k address for claim pages and will be manually managing this?

Yes, and I actually already did, about 9960.

However it seems that your system saves the addresses and then sends them all in at once.

But I sent another address (so just one) and now it seems like only that address can mint. So this confuses me, I thought all the previous should also remain.

Now it seems like I can only add up to 50ish addresses and all the previous ones cannot mint any longer?

Since your system saves the previous list also, I am unable to replace anyone or add more than 50 now.

It kinda seems like all previously WL’d spots got corrupted, when I added one more address, and only that address could mint now. Yet I am unable to add more than 40ish spots because the system sends an object ur API validates for being size < 10k

Can I somehow remove the WL addresses (clear it) and tell ur API to clear it. And reupload with a new list