ERC721 Contract Royalties not being applied

Hello, I’ve deployed a contract - 0x25750630916d423c2dde5a57f775fd41d152ab16 using Manifold Studio where 64.5% and 33% of each sale are sent to two wallets.

I’ve noticed that the percentages are not being applied to each sale. All 18 of the tokens minted on the contract have been sold on Opensea ranging from 1.5 - 2.7 WETH. The wallet listed on the contract to receive 64.5% has only received 1.8 WETH from all the transactions.

How can this issue be resolved?


Please make sure you set your royalties on opensea website as well. Opensea currently do not respect on-chain royalty (which is the setting you set on Manifold Studio). If the issue still isn’t resolved, I would contact opensea support team for this.