ERROR 404 on the Claim page instead of displaying the artwork

Gm , hoping I could get a little help here, I just made a claim page & it is showing me “error 404” instead of my .mp4 artwork. The rest of the page seems to be updated & when I go to the manifold gallery to view the token, metadata and original artwork everything seems to be fine.

Link to the ManifoldGallery (that works fine): MemeStream Adoption - NicolasDavis | Manifold

Link to the claim page that is showing “ERROR 404” : MemeStream Adoption | Manifold

Gm! Thanks for reaching out - If you refresh this should be resolved!

Thank you so much!!! What was the issue exactly so i know for next time?? I paid quite a few gas fees trying to update it thinking it was the file lol

Sometimes there’s a propagation delay on the blockchain to various systems, including our own. How long did you wait before trying an update?