Error Configuring a subdomain with CNAME in Namecheap

Going through the steps to set up a subdomain for a gallery listing.

I got manifold to issue records, I’m well versed in setting up Advanced DNS records in namecheap (or at least I thought I was!) I have not seen an error like this before:

I can add the CNAME Host without issue, but every time I try to enter the CNAME Name into the “Host” field I crash the page on namecheap. Every single time.

I have tried on multiple browsers, multiple devices. Same issue.

I actually sorted out that I can enter the majority of the record manually right up to the first “.” in the domain. After several attempts, I managed to get it posted and saved through 2 of the 3 periods. However… the “.” at the very end of the string crashes the page on namecheap. Every. single. time! haha

I feel like I’m going crazy. Any advice on how to proceed would be incredibly helpful.

UPDATE: Ummmm… After a few hours it appears it may be working now.

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Awesome - Glad you figured it out!