Error creating an auction listing

I keep getting an error trying to create an auction listing. This is what I see on Manifold gallery app:
Something went wrong
Network Error

This is the response in Metamask:
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)

Would appreciate any help!!

Same error happening asap you try to confirm any Manifold transaction with metamask

I’m not sure I understand? I don’t have any other transactions to test with.

I’m having the same issue, hope we’ll get a solution!

ah ok! Yes, hopefully quickly!!

Yeah, I’m having the same probably on a pretty limited mint … sort of has me sweating :sweat:

I’m on Ledger, but the error happens before it even gives me a chance to sign transaction.

Which token are you trying to list, and can you share a screenshot of the error and the settings?

What token are you trying to list, and can you share a screenshot of the error and your auction settings?

This is a separate problem. Metamask is reporting a Network Error. This is either a metamask or ledger problem

I’m trying to publish a new claim page.
Also looks like users are not able to mint from the already published one.
Immagine 2023-03-02 163544

It appears metamask is having an outage at the moment. Users should still be able to interact using wallet connect (for claim pages).

Update: If you are seeing ‘Network Error’ when you initiate a transaction via Metamask, it means that Metamask is having an outage. Please try again later.

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Reports flowing in from Twitter for multiple sites. Unfortunately it’s out of our hands for now.

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Appears to be a ledger X metamask issue. Using without a ledger or via wallet connect (for claim pages) should work.

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Thanks for you support!

Thanks for the update!

This should be fixed now. Can you try again?

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