"Error creating new instance" for burn redeem

“Error creating new instance”
Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 5.17.51 PM

when trying to setup my weekly m/base burn redeem; happens on click of ‘save + next button’ on setup redemption details page. fwiw i just had a successful claim page setup so wallet is connected and working.

Hi. Can you share your console logs and possibly try again?

If you share your console logs it would be helpful if you could fully expand any errors you see.


Howdy! Just hopped on this, doing my best to try to recreate. Will report back with updates. If you can screenshot the settings you had on the Redemption Details page that would be very helpful Thank you.

Hello can you try again? It seems to work just fine for me now on your burn redeem now. You should be able to get to the Preview page and publish now! If not, let me know. Best first step would be to try clearing your cookies and local storage in your browser, then logging back in.

thanks both for the quick help!

i cleared my cache, logged back in and reattempted from my draft, sadly encountered the same error. here are a couple screenshots. if there are any errors you want me to zero in on let me know, not sure i can upload as many screenshots as would be necessary to expand them all.

Is this a new or existing contract? If existing, which one?

Also what wallet are you using and what’s the url of the burn you’re trying to make?

existing base contract: https://basescan.org/address/0x1740c9839409f76c502f5956f75153e5dc23b965

connected with rainbow wallet: mbranson.eth – 0x91b52e9833dc4C681b5419F3E96093e85BBE8F91

url of the burn i’m trying to make: https://app.manifold.xyz/br/wkbt-020

fwiw i’ve been able to successfully execute an airdrop and claim updates for another base mint on a different contract yesterday/today with same wallet.

That’s so odd. If rainbow and wallet connect can you try using incognito or another browser? Those errors look like a wallet connection issue.

I’ll also look and see if I can see anything from my end in a few hours.

To get a clearer picture of what’s happening, can you do the following (I just pushed out some more logging).

  • Open up your console right before you click ‘save & next’
  • Clear the console logs (click the :no_entry_sign:)
  • Then click the ‘save & next’ button
  • Expand any errors you see fully and share

This will help us isolate what is and isn’t related to the save error.

I am able to reproduce this. Currently investigating.

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Ok, please refresh your page, which should bring you back to the last step, hit ‘save and next’ and this should be resolved now. Thanks for your patience.

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See this post for instructions on what to do just to be extra sure you have all the same info as before:

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thanks both! i was able to complete the process now, burn successfully created. apologies i left you hanging on error info btw, glad you were able to eventually reproduce + fix. appreciate you!

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fwiw rules were retained, no issues with continuing where i left off with the original bug.

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