Error Customizing Pictures for ERC721 Claim - Upload to Arweave stuck

I am trying to change metadata…
Uploading on Arweave is taking 5/6 hours…
here my collection

here screen

This morning I changed them without any problem in 20 mins…

gm - This is for this drop? The Night

Can you include a screenshot of your console?

Also - Can you send a copy of the CSV to

csv sent… here console

Looks like there is an issue with the CSV - You’ll need to follow the format you first downloaded the images from, I see some spacing that was added etc into the document

How can i stop uploading… and reupload csv? thanks

it is still rotating… please help me to stop it so I can manage from CP my token and change metadata …1 by 1… thanks

24 hours and still rotating… please help me

Ok, please check it out now.

Still rotating …

And metadata returned as default…


Do you mind refreshing the page and let me know if the spinner still there?

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No worked… but like this…
Back to 1 pic configuration EDITION… and then restart all…
now its perfect… thanks

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