Error deploying a contract on Goerli with Metamask/Trezor

Trying to deploy contract on Goerli, but seems some transaction is blocking it.
I have cleared local storage, signed out and back in of all accounts, even deleted the draft contract and created a new one, but still getting this message.

thank you for your help

I have this too. Goerli is showing at 209 also… possibly a broken system.

Should we mint on Solana, David? :slight_smile:

That’s not for me I’m staying on ETH

haha just joking.
I can see your latest mint on foundation, weird it’s showing you a draft.

yes, I know. I had this once before. Someone at Manifold sorted it out…


Sorry for the issue you are having, wondering which wallet are you using?

I’m assuming you’re having this issue right now. If you refresh the page, does it give you the option to deploy again or does the popup come up right away?

Can you also open your developer console and show us any errors you might see?

Thank you for your replies.

I am able to try deploy again and again and again.
I am using my metamask with trezor wallet.

Firefox shows the same :

Hi! Do you mind clicking on the right pointing arrow beside the “Metamask - RPC Error: Error: Forbidden key pay” please? Would love to read more about what the error is

hope this helps

Hi there! This error is rare, it seems to be related to using Trezor with metamask for a testnet. Context here:

While we investigate, would you like to try using the workaround in that link?

thank you, you are the best!
it showed wrong path on my trezor but can confirm the transaction and mint it now.
again, you guys are awesome!
thank you so much for helping and creating this whole thing in the first place!


Nice, glad it worked!