Error in Extensions

Hi i was hoping to get an answer to a weird issue I am having with an extension our team coded.

We have a burn to redeem extension that burns multiple tokens. For burn 1, it requires token ID’s 7,8,9,10 to redeem token ID 11. This works just fine and i was able to burn and mint token ID 11.

However, when we try burn 2, which requires token ID 2,7,8,9,10, & 11 in order to receive token ID 12, we are getting an error.
The error says: Execution reverted: Mismatched token originators
(see screenshot)

What’s really odd is that this worked perfectly on the Goerli Manifold contract but when I tested it on the Mainnet Manifold contract, it gives me an error. We’ve looked through the code and can’t seem to find what the issue is, any help would be appreciated as we are on the clock here to deliver this burn redeem by end of this week.