ERROR MINTING - Already Known

Had someone try to mint a rare last night from this page:

transaction was stuck overnight, no mint.

This morning after finally getting the transaction canceled, she now gets an “ERROR MINTING. - ALREADY KNOWN” error and can’t try again.

What happened? Why does this happen? How do I fix it? She’s pissed off.

gm! We’ll need some additional information to investigate and understand what happened. Do you have the wallet address looking to mint? Do you know the device/browser etc?

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MacBook Pro of some sort, Chrome

Wallet: 0xadF21A9e2277e387b3450fE38140449DE4E7AdE5

The Wallet being used is MetaMask

Looks like the mint transaction from that wallet is here:

It appears they attempted to mint with a gas fee of 10 gwei, which is quite low and unlikely to execute. They may need to upgrade their MetaMask extension or look into their wallet settings.