Error occurs when burning a mint of Etherscan

Hello! When I try to burn my mint on Manifold Gallery using Etherscan “Write as Proxy” option and filling everything correctly in “burn” fields, the transaction fails with words: “Transaction has been reverted by the EVM” (“Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [execution reverted ]”)
What did I do wrong?

Whats the contract address / wallet address / parameters you are using?

Contract address is 0x0507d00Cd42a5bB1C92865913d47F1D00c406295 (it’s a collection address: this NFT is minted as a part of this collection)
Public wallet address is 0x0cc987d6a99DC30338968eb5b91Ca108734Dc3d4 (I minted the work with this address)

Hello! I’d like to receive an answer to my question, because I STILL can’t burn my ERC1155 Token. I found out that I have to write Manifold Gallery address when burning it, and all other data is correct, but it still reverts operation when burning through Etherscan.
I guess that I don’t have permission to burn it, because Manifold Gallery is the owner of this Token.
What should I do? Any ideas?

You have to cancel the listing on Gallery first and then you’ll be able to burn from your account.

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Thank you! Sorry, could you tell me how to cancel the listing on Manifold Gallery? I can’t find any information in this regard…

Hey there! Is this the listing?

If so, you can do it in the Gallery App, though it is slightly hidden.

You need to hit the three dots here and then scroll down within the box!

thank you! I finally managed to burn the token