Error purchasing on Base


I just minted and created a claim page on Base and a collector is receiving an error when trying to purchase. They have bridged to Base and are on the Base network and are getting the following error:

This is the claim page: Calmer Waters: A Sketch of the Clackamas River

Is there anything that can be done?

Hey, is this isolated to only that collector? And were they charged/able to try again?

I was able to mint one myself, and so far it was just that collector that had the issue and he was the first one to attempt to mint.

I’m not going to push this really, so unsure when someone else will try to mint.

Looks like he was finally able to mint, as well as someone else. So maybe I jumped the gun on this and it was an isolated incident. Apologies.

No worries at all, def good to know even if it was a one off.
Sorry for any trouble, and glad it fixed itself!