Error: Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again

Trying to edit a burn-redeem page because I want to cancel the burn before anyone claims, but getting an error when trying to move through the claim edit pages, first page loads then I get this error for the others, so cannot update anything with the claim. Of course I’ve tried refreshing, Using Brave browser, Turned off Brave shields and all the usual suspects, but no luck.

Thanks for bringing this up - We’re looking into it!

gm! If you go back into the Burn Redeem campaign you should be able to edit and go to the last step to update. Let me know if you are running into any issues!

I am having the same issue with my burn page as well. Have tried to go back to edit metadata and change the open times for the burn, and I get the same error when I get to the second page.

Can you try again now? you may have to review/reset your burn rules as well.

Issue is solved for me now, can go through the pages, and update. Thanks folks!