Error to mint nft on mainnet as editions

when I want to mint my art on Ethereum I received

this error.what should I do to fix it?

Did Metamask open up? Can you try clearing local storage?

The transaction could failed due to several reasons, one of them could be due to user manually adjust the gas limit. On your metamask browser extension, does it show the failed transaction?

yes I cleared local storage but I can’t fix problem and when the process start I got this error and metamask did not show anything

before I got this error I did the process one time and because of the gas fee I rejected.but after that each time that I start process I received this error immediately
on the first time the system asked me about the number of editions but after that I did not get this massage

and this is my wallet 0x682aCa81f27170bf3277941d63bCC48f37C9cc27


It looks like you created the series with an edition of 20, then changed to edition of 10 later. Once a series is created you won’t be able to change the edition number. If you would like to change it you would need to create a new series. I have updated the error message so it is more clear. Sorry for the confusion :pray: