Error Uploading to Arweave

Hi Im having trouble uploading to arweave.

any help insight/ appreciated. Wondering if it had anything to do on my side Re: File size - but have had friends upload files up to 50mb and your docs say up to 200mb.



I’m getting this exact same issue!

At first I got an Unexpected Error, then I tried changing the claim URL in case there was a collision, and now it’s the same issue as OP

Thanks for posting this PunkCast.

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Thanks - how big is your file size? not sure what to do…

110 MB, should not be an issue …

yah that’s what i thought. cools Mine is 30mb.

The other sections of the forum with similar issues - say was a manifold issue - not sure if it’s come back.

hey, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. can you please answer the following questions so i can help narrow down the issue?

  1. are you accessing studio through desktop or mobile?
  2. do you get the error when trying to mint a single token through the contract page to mainnet, a batch of tokens (we also call it series/editions) on a contract page to mainnet, or does this happen through the claim app? or is this an update operation to a minted token?
  3. was there a transaction triggered through your wallet? e.g.: if using metamask, did metamask pop up a transaction modal?