Error when trying to burn redeem

When trying to burn redeem the Ness Graphics P3P3 piece I am getting the error ‘Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘push’)’. I am able to give permissions for the first ERC1155 token and then this error comes when it moves onto the second. I Have already given permissions for the second token from another burn redeem (the Ness SK1MM3R piece) and so wonder if this is the problem?

Any help to get around this would be appreciated.

This is the burn redeem thats not working: $P3P3

This is the one that I have used previously with he same ERC1155: SK1MM3R.

An update, it appears I could burn redeem 1 set, however its when I try to do 2 that the problem occurs

Hey @BGUY what is your wallet address?