Error while changing the metadata of a token which has been redeemed by burn


I made a burn claim event, some tokens were burnt, new tokens claimed and it is now ended.

I want to edit the metadata of the redeemed new token to with a new image like a reveal mechanic.

When I try to edit the metadata and update from the burn redeem page details, I get the message “Something went wrong execution reverted: Burn redeem not initialized”

How can I solve this?


Please post the exact parameters you are trying to update and the contract addresses, etc.

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Also running into this error when trying to update a burn redeem page.

Contract: 0xD64726fAaF32aD1d21c5f2fE3cC65102d01Dae3b
Burn page: GoldenCheck

Trying to update all token info and burn parameters

Can you try now and see if it works?

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Can you try now and see if it works?

Yes! Thanks a lot for your fast support :heart:

Thank you! It worked <3


Hi there, I seem to be having a similar issue when updating the burned token info etc.

Contract Address: 0x9eC6F51F8919089f3f3Af771278A3CE2F8950Be6

Will look into this today and report back. Thank you for the patience!

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Which burn redeem is this? You have many that are published! I’m not able to recreate the issue yet without the informatoin.

I’m trying to update the image on all of them, and they all give me the same error… seems some have updated on the manifold interface but I still get the error when try to publish and am not able to execute any transaction.

Super helpful thank you. I think it must be a regression with allowing updates from contracts on the OG extension we put out a few months back. Will report back with a fix tonight for sure, thank you for the patience.

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Give it another rip! Should be working now :crossed_fingers:

Thank you so much for the report. Helping out all our OG legacy burn redeem users!

Worked! Thanks so much, appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

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No problem at all! Stoked it’s working and that you’re metadata is updating no lfg :heart_on_fire:

all updated! thanks again :saluting_face:

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