Error while creating a bidder editions auction

Hey guys! I’m having an issue while trying to create the bidders edition auction, once I click “LFG” it instantly throws the following error:
Something went wrong
execution reverted: ERC721: transfer to non ERC721Receiver implementer

This is my wallet address: 0x84097dfb406ACcA23Ee3B0BaB7cF89FF5c77e86c

This should be fixed now! Please let us know if it works.

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Thank you so much, I had a drop today so I had to use the traditional auction option, but excited to test this feature in the future, thanks a ton!

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Sorry to hear! No problem!

I’ve been working on some pieces I intend to release as bidder editions, and was excited to see when yungwknd added that functionality here :slight_smile:

I don’t see the app listed any longer, though…has it been taken down for code revision? Will it be back? (Or am I simply looking in the wrong places)