Error while trying to airdrop ERC721s to previous collectors

So im trying to airdrop 1 of these (FREEDOM TO FAKE ) to people who have collected my work in the past but I keep getting this error

am I doing something wrong?

It appears that one of the recipient wallets cannot receive NFT’s.

is there a way to know which exact address it is???

If you post the failing etherscan transaction we might be able to see.

transaction doesnt even go through for me to accept :frowning: I dont believe there is a transaction at all; been trying for a while but all I get is the message saying the airdrop is happening then that disappears and I get the error message posted above

Hi did you ever find a resolve for this issue? I am having the same problem. Thank you

I had to go through the addresses manually eliminating them one by one to see if it’d let me continue and thankfully it was one of the first at the bottom of the list. Wasn’t too big an issue for me since I found it p fast, but I imagine if your CSV is very long this “solution” can get p frustrating. Chatting with @wilkins.eth we agreed there should be a way to easily see which addresses are causing this kind of error and I was told this feedback was to be added to a backlog.

Amazing thank you! Yeah I checked the first and last 10 address but I still got the error so I’ll look around. Appreciate the response! Cheers!

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I cut my airdrop address list in thirds and then went one by one deleting addresses in the Manifold airdrp list to find the culprit and indeed it was a random collector’s address no idea why it would do that with theirs but also I found another one that was the Foundation deployer address! So that one makes sense. I agree it would be great if there was a warning or highlighted box or something to show which addresses don’t work in the Manifold airdrop mechanism. Cheers

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