Error with Auction Listing - unable to cancel or settle

I created an auction for one of my pieces with the gallery app there was an error. I canceled the auction and now it is stuck saying that I can settle the auction, but when I try to do that nothing happens. The listing id is # 4185.

I created a new listing and that worked fine, but now this first listing is sitting right next to it in the gallery. I do not see anyway that I can remove it. Would really appreciate some help from someone at Manifold. My last post in the forum about another issue posted over a week ago is still unanswered.


bump…I really need some help with this. anyone have any suggestions?

Are you saying its just displaying two rows for each listing you created within the Gallery App? I think that is expected as they are different listings (have unique listingIds) even though you cancelled the first one.

seeing both
Metalverse #1 | Ride The Lightning (listingid 4185)
Metalverse #1 | Ride The Lightning (listingid 4186)

which seems to match up with the token history

so don’t really understand the problem – you’re still able to sell the token and get it back safely if you cancel or sell & finalize.

Hi, thanks for the reply. So I canceled the first listing with no bids, but I am unable to finalize by settling the auction. If I click on the option to settle, it appears to start the process within Manifold, but then does not go to Metamask to process the transaction. There is a red dot next to this listing in the Gallery app and it appears that it is stuck for some reason and I am not able to finalize.

The second listing is currently running.

There’s nothing you need to do for auction 4185. It’d complete. Only auction 4186 is live right now. We’ll look at the gallery app, that just might be a display bug.

Thanks for the reply and appreciate the help. Is it possible to remove 4185 from appearing in the gallery?

No, there isn’t. However, it should show ‘complete’ now with no red dot.