ERRORE Claim Page (Something Went Wrong)

0x454eE605b0E070145FadFcE49B072b029099078D this is my wallet.

I created the “claim page” and at the end, when i click on “Publish” appear this “something went wrong”
I also tried to create the claim page with all my 2 contracts and is the same story.
REDRUM contract Mainnet address:0x32d65e6197ff3aa3d585a97326556c46a8a511d0
REDRUMTOPIA contract 0x1563587ef5e20b6a0a5c20b3c2e1e2c2b4098f92

Hi there @Redrum!

Sorry this error isn’t very descriptive. It appears you’re getting an error because you have uploaded a whitelist CSV with zero entries. That will prevent anyone from claiming your tokens, so it seems like a mistake. You can delete the audience, or read the FAQ for how an audience CSV should be formatted here: Claim Page - Manifold Docs

I done a .csv that is similar to the one you posted as a facsimile, where can I send it for you to see?