ETH creator fees to setup a Claim page? 🤔

Hey everyone!

I’ve just launched an ERC-721 collection. The first two tokens have already been airdropped (the same collection was on OpenSea Storefront before and I’m transitioning to Manifold).

To sidestep the airdrop fees, I set up a claim page (using a code).
But to my surprise, I had to fork out:

  • $13 in fees for uploading to Arweave
  • $15 in fees to add the claim extension to my creator Contract

The minting hasn’t happened yet, and I reckon the customer will also need to cover fees to mint the token.


  1. Are these fees just for the initial claim, or will they apply to me every time a new token is uploaded?
  2. Are there any other ways to launch an ETH collection without incurring fees to the creator, similar to my experience with OpenSea Storefront which was 100% free?

As you might guess, I can’t afford to pay more in fees than what the artwork is worth to customers. I’d prefer the customers to bear the full cost of fees, just like it was before.

Thanks in advance for your insights!


Hi - for any onchain transaction on Mainnet currently, you’ll need to pay transaction fees. For a mainnet claim page, that would include the contract deploy, the extension registration, and initializing the claim state. If you’re looking to mint for cheaper cost, we also support Optimism and Base L2s which should have much lower gas fees!

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Okay, so does this mean that we can’t create a 1:1 NFT collection with Manifold without incurring fees of at least $10-30 for each NFT through airdrops or a claim page? Since OpenSea could do it for free, I was hoping Manifold would be able to offer the same.

We were really keen on staying with ETH due to the hexagonal profile pictures on Twitter for Blue subscribers. :confused:

Could you confirm @viren please ?

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Hopefully Viren can chime in, but Optimism is level 2 built on top of ETH. Shouldn’t the Twitter blue hexagon profile pictures still work since the buyer still purchases with ETH?