Execution reverted error on Opensea when purchasing

Someone tried to buy one of my tokens on Opensea but when he tries to purchase he gets this error
"Execution Reverted "
What should I do to fix it? Something I should do on Manifold?

Any help would be much appreciated

That sounds like an OpenSea issue. A link to the transaction would help.

OpenSea has just indicated that this error is fixed.

Oh thank you so much !

Actually, nevermind, they’re still investigating. Do you have a link to the collection?

This is the opensea link of the Token I was talking about
And My wallet is Hapoochi.eth


OpenSea has indicated they don’t see an issue right now with this collection. Can you ask your collector to try again, and if they have issues to send a screenshot? Thanks.

Of course, I’ll talk to them and see if there’s still a problem
Thanks for the help
I’ll let you know