Exif Metadata - Manifold System Message

I got a message when I uploaded an image on Manifold that said: “We detected several Exif metadata in your uploaded files. Please select the metadata that you would like to include in your mints. We will assign the appropriate exif metadata for the corresponding files automatically.”

I was wondering if this means you can add the metadata to an image before uploading it to Manifold, and having that metadata automatically get filled out in text format. Would someone be able to clarify or assist with this as it would save SO much time for myself and others if this is a possibility.

Bumping this post as a response would be appreciated.

This is a cool idea! Never actually tried this - If you give it a shot I’d love to hear about whether or not this worked for you.

Aren’t you part of the Manifold team? heh I was wondering if this is a working, viable option for people to use. As I have no skills in coding, I don’t think there’d be any way for me to go through that process, and implement it from scratch.