Failed to process CSV using manifold snapshots

I am using snapshots and yet still receiving error codes when attempting to upload a CSV. Any ideas?

What error codes are you seeing? Can you take a screenshot?

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Is this for a claim page? The CSV is formatted according to the examples in the documentation?

Yes this is for claim pages. Airdrop and allow list. I am using the snapshots provided by manifold. I also checked everything and I nothing I can see seems out of place. Address and value are good. Also, I tried older CSV files that have worked for all previous airdrops and allow list and those won’t work as well.

Got it - Likely one of the addresses is unable to receive addresses. Can help investigate further. Sending a DM!


Appears there’s another thread where this is answered/resolved now.

Can you share the link to the thread, please?

Have you tried again? It should work now.