Failed to record transaction and publish error

Good day! It’s my first time in manifold and I was following a video on how to mint on a test net, I wanted to make open editions so realized I would need an app that so I immediately launched my Goerli contract to the Mainnet without minting a test token

after clicking the launch on mainnet button, I got this weird error:

I didn’t mind the warning since It was tagged as Goerli not too long ago, then it bacame Mainnet after a while, last thing I did was continue with my claim page, I thought everything was fine until I hit publish that I got this error:

Link to claim page: here

edit: my eth address: 0x3C839BF4819981E33fFd24fD409d71e7d1698643


I see in your claim pages, you have two claim with the exact name. Curious if there was a reason why you want to do two identical claims?

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thank you for the reply! ;D

oh, I made a new one since the other one was kind of hopeless to recover, since transaction did go through but the token is not live, I started from scratch again but I faced an issue where the price would not reflect in the preview, I’m afraid that if I updated the token, the price would still remain the same


here’s the live page preview: Platinum Princess

not sure if it needs to be updated in order to reflect the actual price, or if it shows up on previews


You shouldn’t need to create another claim. You an use the one you created. You just need to change the price, then go to “Review & Publish” and hit “Update”

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