Failed Transaction 386

Can someone help me? I keep getting this error and I experience this for the first time.
I tried to create a new token but still the same error shows up everytime I publish and
start claiming


hi Yhe, what is the message value of the error? is it perhaps “replacement transaction underpriced”? if so, can you try the steps outlined here: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC '{"value":{"code":-32603,"data":{"code":-32000,"message":"replacement transaction underpriced"}}}' - Sending and Receiving Tokens - MetaMask ?

tried and nothing works :frowning:

what is the action you are trying to do? is it creating a claim?

i can see you have a transaction in progress here (0x3fb…b4). can you try cancelling that transaction and reposting with a higher gas fee?

I cant see it anymore in my metamask thats why I cant cancel it anymore

hmm i see. can you try following the instructions in this thread? i’m sorry i couldn’t be more helpful.

everything seems okay on your Studio account otherwise.