Failure to connect Domain name

I followed your domain name tutorial a few times over the past few months. I cannot get it to link to the manifold gallery page. Sometimes it loads a weird news spam page in Firefox or the following error in Brave.

I admit I dabble enough in DNS entries to know I get myself in trouble and don’t always get it right.

I suspect the issue is how I have parked my domain with my registrar. Your tutorial instructs me to add a Cname and some values but the registrar asks me either
1: to use third party hosting and forces me to define some nameservers,
2: park my domain with the registrar which set up the nameservers for me.
3: forward the domain which bypasses most DNS settings and loads another hyperlink.

I chose the park option since I did not have any nameservers to give it and I added the cname values as per the instruction tutorial.

These are my domain settings. How do I delete or change these to make the cname thing work?

I am hoping this thread doesn’t fade into obscurity. I’m stuck making people go to a landing page with my url which forwards to my main photography site and then they have to visit the manifold link.

As of June 13th 2023 I had to do something and not leave pointing at a bad link. I’m altering my DNS to forward to my auction site instead of direct connect with a DNS set up. If you look at my live DNS information going forward it will be different than the images above.

This is the first time I experience little to no traction from Manifold support. I tried waiting as long as I could. I hope to hear from you and will post in missed connections on reddit :wink: